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Paint Me BLACK channels the iconic style and fearless spirit of Jean-Michel Basquiat, paying homage not only to his art but also to his deep-rooted connection to hip. hop culture. The oversized surface designs draw inspiration from some of the repetitive symbols in his art, while natural fabrics ensure comfort. The rich color palette mirrors his signature colors, evoking the fiery creativity and vibrant energy that characterized Basquiat's brief yet influential journey through the global art scene. In a tribute to the 50 years of hip-hop culture, this collection seamlessly blends Basquiat's hip-hop sensibility, his role as a DJ, and his friendship with hip-hop pioneer Fab Five Freddy. It invites wearers to boldly express themselves through fashion, just as Basquiat did through his groundbreaking art, echoing the spirit of the 80s hip-hop and art scene.

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