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Jessica Laché Singleton (Fulks)

Jessica Laché Singleton (Fulks) was born in Houston, Texas and raised in Fayetteville, North Carolina by a strong single mother and later step-father. Learning how to draw from her older brother and learning crafts from her mother helped develop a love for the arts at an early age. Over the years she developed a strong desire to become an artist but it was always overpowered by her love for animals and sports in high school. Throughout high school, Fulks was never a “girly girl”, always playing basketball, tennis, and track and mostly associating with fellow athletes. Her college choices were contingent upon her either playing college basketball or becoming a veterinarian. It was only by grace that she ended up at North Carolina State University, one of the top programs for Veterinarian Medicine that also held a leading Textiles program.


By the end of her freshman year, Fulks was at a crossroads with what career path to take with her love for art blossoming over a career in helping animals. After a terrifying lab practical with snakes, she decided that she would apply to NC State’s School of Design. On the bus ride over, a friend told her about Textiles and wanted her to visit the campus. She automatically fell in love, changed her major, and never looked back. Her background in sports and veterinarian medicine drives her design aesthetic today; making her a female menswear designer that takes a youthful approach to classic tailored techniques while incorporating athletic details.  Her love for animals also makes her conscious of the composition and quality of the textiles she uses.


Today, Fulks’ career is moving forward with her working to make a name for herself in the menswear industry as a true creative that aims to design garments that satisfies a man’s need for uniqueness, change, comfort, quality and functionality. She completed her Master’s of Fine Arts from the Savannah College of Art and Design and is currently a Technical Designer at HanesBrands, Inc. Fulks plans to build her menswear lifestyle brand that not only focuses on beautiful garments but also becomes a movement that can ultimately provide creative jobs for people in the South.

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