The brand was started by, designer, Jessica Laché Fulks (now Singleton) in Fayetteville, NC.  It was formed from her former clothing line, J.Fulks Originals, in the summer of 2006.  The new brand ideas were formally introduced in the spring of 2008 as being a mix of the J.Fulks Originals urban wear with more high fashion garments.  In August of 2010, the brand was seen in the Members Only Clothing line fashion show in Raleigh, NC.  The show caught the eye of a marketing employee with Members Only, resulting in recognition and positive feedback from the company's head designer and President.  Orders for the one of kind garments began to pick up tremendously, leading to expansion needs.
In November of 2011, the brand underwent a major change in its brand identity because of the great response to its vintage inspired garments.  The demand for more structured and tailored garments increased.  The head designer, Jessica Fulks, capitalized on this new vision of vintage inspired clothing.  It was later decided that the vintage inspired garments would be the strongest design point-of-view.  The brand opened up to a broader audience and dropped its tag line, urban high fashion, to introduce "the future of vintage" to the world.


Laché Supply & Company is a print based life-style brand that takes a youthful approach to classic tailored techniques while merging vintage-inspired garments with athletic details. We provide a highly on-trend style that satisfies not only a man’s need for exceptional products and uniqueness but also for change, comfort, quality and functionality.


We aim to use our platform to uplift, honor, and preserve the African Diaspora. It is our belief that we are a result of the descendants from broken societies that are fighting to become equal. The circumstances that try to break us, are also the ones that can make our culture stronger. Through art we can creatively express our concerns, identify problems, and find effective solutions. We can learn from the past and look towards future…for we are the FUTURE OF VINTAGE.